Simple Review Estimators

Data / Review Estimator (for image reviews)

Data / Review Estimator (for native reviews)

Custodian v. Total Data Estimator

Managed Connection vs. Manual Collections

Data / Media Responsiveness Estimator



Having trouble figuring out how much an e-discovery project may cost?  You are not alone.  Estimating tasks and work within e-discovery projects can be daunting.  Within this site you will find several generic models relating to forecasting and estimating e-discovery projects.  The models are all interactive so feel free to play around with your current project scenario to understand some key business metrics.

The models are not perfect and in no way represent precise measures.  The main reason for this is that e-discovery projects work within data sets that, from project to project, vary wildly.  There are literally millions of different scenarios and data combinations that could be examined within any given e-discovery project.  Depending on the request and matter type considerations may need to be made on a wide range of topics including the source of the data, the physical location of the data, the type of data, it's associated availability and often time, how the data is managed.

The models attempt to generically assess probable cost and time based on some simple data volume measures.  Again, the models are imperfect and are intended to be used as a discussion catalyst with counsel, clients and IT departments when assessing the rough cost, duration and review resource needs on an e-discovery matter.

These are FLASH models so you may need to allow the "blocked content" depending on your browswer settings.